Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Hardwood Floors
Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Hardwood Floors

Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Hardwood Floors

These days hardwood is one of the most popular kitchen flooring options. They are absolutely gorgeous and complement the kitchen furniture and cupboards very beautifully.

However, this stunning floor can be very sensitive to damage and if not properly cleaned and maintained it can very easily be damaged beyond repair.

So to save the loss and keep the floor in the best possible condition it is very important to know how to maintain and clean them properly.

In order to maintain kitchen hardwood flooring in the best possible condition, it needs to be swept and cleaned regularly. However, you need to be very cautious when cleaning hardwood floors.

Only floor cleaning solutions and products made out of natural ingredients should be used to clean hardwood floors.

Dark hardwood floor kitchen cabinet combinations
Dark hardwood floor kitchen cabinet combinations

They are much gentler and safer on the wood and also on your skin. Unlike chemicals, natural ingredient solutions will not strip the wood of its rich look.

You should never use harsh chemicals to clean hardwood or any type of wooden floors. This includes those popular ammonia cleaners.

Chemicals like these damage wooden floors in multiple ways. They will not only dull the finish of the wood but also leave a film or residue on the floor which will prevent you from being able to restore the floor by re-coating it.

And when cleaning, it is better if you can dilute the natural cleaning products by adding a bit of warm water. Diluting with water will make them even more suitable for the floor as well as make the product last longer resulting in more money savings.

When applying them, the cleaning solutions should be applied using a soft cloth or sponge. Hard or scratchy materials or scrubbers can leave scuffs or marks on the floor which will be impossible to be rid of.

If there are any stains that don’t go off like this, then leave a bit of the cleaning solution on them for a couple of hours and rinse it off.

These are some of the essential things you need to know about cleaning kitchen hardwood floors. I hope they help you keep your kitchen floor in great condition for a long time.